About the Program
Posted on June 22, 2009

This program is being designed specifically for the organization, management, and use of a pastorís personal library. However, itís flexibility makes it possible to be adapted for other types of libraries.

The purpose of the program is to classify by topic and/or by category books (including complete or partial chapters and paragraphs), messages, articles, Bible studies, recorded messages, and any other type of information. By means of links, all information stored on the computer can be quickly found and made available by listing and/or by printing.

We have attempted to make the program simple, flexible, but powerful. By use of icons, simple window forms, and descriptive links, the most novice user should be able to learn and to benefit from this program. The flexibility of the program allows the user to add, edit, or delete whatever information he wishes from the topic or category list or from all the resources of information categorized. The program is powerful enough to include every type of resource in a pastorís library by specifying whether the resource is a book, a message, a study, an article, a recorded message, or any other type of source. We have included a start up list of resource types that can be increased or diminished as the user sees fit. The best part of the program is its ability to filter available information by creating filter tags with the resource allowing the user to mark specific information within a categorized resource. When a new resource is created, the user will have the ability to write a short description and to create one or more filter tags for that resource.

All of these procedures can be easily executed be means of clearly marked icons and simple window forms. The format has been designed for quick and easy recognition of icons, links, and resource information. Each form and link, appears in a dialogue window equally simple in format with the same simplicity of execution and of navigation. The user has the ability to list or to print any information chosen.